Welcome To Nola Body Shop
"Where King's come for royal treatment"

The Body Shop was created with the purpose of giving guys a more maculine flavor. No bright lights in your face, No loud odor unlike the ladies nail salons. While you enjoying your Hand and foot care service, you also have your own Tv, with headphones and a smooth complimentary drink. Grooming of feet and hand services, are not just about how smooth the hand and feet looks. Hand and foot care helps treat stiff and painful joints in your hand and feet, with increasing blood flow, relaxing muscles, and reducing stiffness in joints. It also help minimizing muscle spasms and inflamation. Relaxation! Well, of course! Foot care can make you feel more confident, and they will undoubtedly feel amazing. The combination of getting your feet renewed through exfoliation and cleaning, moisturizing and massaging to make them like you've never walked on them a day in your life, and the simple act of sitting back, relaxing and enjoying yourself, all make for a good reason to treat yourself.

Price List

complementary drink
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Just need a foot massage
$1 dollar per minute

Business Hours: Friday - Sunday 12pm-6pm
Business Address: 4127 Downman
Business Phone: 504.325.6069

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